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Week’s activities 23 – 28th February

by superadmin on 1 March, 2009

Not too much activity on the council this week.I attended the Transport and Planning Committee on Wednesday. This is a very important committee as it is the opportunity for the Parish Council to comment on planning applications before the District Council (until March 31st) make a decision on the plans submitted. This does give local people a chance to influence the decision as they can come to the meeting and make their case for of against.

When the new Cornwall Unitary Council commences operation tthis local angle will become more important. So use your local parish councillor!

Plans to narrow the road and reduce parking at the top of Paynters Lane seem to be going ahead despite opposition from the Parish Council and local traders and residents. This is because it is organised and funded from the personal allowance of the County Councillor Paul Holmes. Perhaps he should take more note of local opinion before rushing to get this in before the end of his term of office. The Planning Committee made its position clear to the County so as all will know where resoponsibility lies in the future. The Council is in favour of taking syeps to reduce traffic speed in the area but feels there are better ways of doing it thatwill not cause parking difficulties and risk losing trade from local shops. Illogan has few enough of these already.

There are no meetings next week, but I will be working on the Parish Plan household survey as descibed in the article in the West Briton. When you get your survey please take the timr to fill it in.

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