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by superadmin on 17 March, 2009

The first of these weeks has been unusually quiet for the parish council. This is usually the case when our excellent clerk Sue Ballinger takes a well earned break!

I did go to a well attended meeting of the Park Bottom action group where the matter of housing plans for the area was discussed. It is difficult to find anyone local in favour of the plans as they stand and most are clear that they do not want any building at all. A call for a parish poll was met with general approval and signatures collected for that purpose. This is being taken to the next full Parish Council meeting on 18th March. I expect quite a few of those attending this meeting will go to hear the debate.Polls or a referendum are as good as the question asked and as relevant as the number of people participating. They are notorious for making grandiose claims on sparse statistics. For this reason I think the more measured questions on the issue in the Parish Plan household survey are a more effective way forward. Time will tell.

This week I shall,be at the aforementioned Council meeting and will report back next week. Mark James ,the newly appointed manager of our new Community network Area will  be attending to give an update on progress so far. As I expect this body to be of increasing significance in the future I am looking forward to his presentation. We will also be looking at designs for the proposed new logo for the council, and hearing more details of the scheme for a road safety build out at Paynters Lane End opposed by the council and local residents, traders and organisations but put forward as a Local member Scheme by the County Councillor. Finally to add further excitement we are discussing plans for a proposed Vodaphone base station in Richards Lane. This meeting should noy be missed!

On Friday I will be attending a meeting of the Trelawney Alliance which is Camborne’s response to the building plans.

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