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Cornwall Unitary Authority

by superadmin on 25 January, 2009

 The Interim Executive Committee continues with its work planning the new Authority amid confusion on a number of major issues.

Election Date : the confusion over the Boundary Commission deliberations on 123 wards or the current 82 is going to complicate the issue for candidates come election time next year. As it stands it seems unlikely that the Commission will be able to complete its work in time to meet the newly announced election date of June 4th ( see under). This date brings all local elections in line with the European ones ( except Cornwall?!)

Local Government Minister John Healey today announced that the Government will seek Parliament’s approval to move the 2009 local elections in England to the same date as the European elections.

The decision follows consultation over the summer which showed overwhelming support for the change, including from the Electoral Commission, the Association of Electoral Administrators and the Local Government Association.

Next year’s local elections are currently scheduled for 7 May 2009, with the European elections due to take place four weeks later on 4 June 2009.

Today’s draft order laid in Parliament will be debated and must be approved by both Houses and made no later then the 7 November if the change is to made. It also seeks to address a number of technical matters that were raised during the consultation, such as ensuring that, as in 2004, the European election is administered on local government boundaries.

There are 34 councils where the 2009 election date will be moved – all English Shire Counties, and the Unitary Authorities of Cornwall, Wiltshire, Shropshire, Bristol, Isle of Wight, Bedford and Central Bedfordshire. There are 4 areas where the 2009 Mayoral election date will be moved. These are: Doncaster; Hartlepool; North Tyneside; and Stoke.

It now seems likely that Cornwall will have its elections in October 2009 or possibly later. The District Councils (Kerrier in our case) will disappear on 31st march 2009 as planned.

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