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The Area Action Plan and additional housing in Illogan

by superadmin on 25 January, 2009

 This plan would se a substantial number of houses built within Illogan Parish over the next 20 years, some 11,000 as presently proposed by the Government. Kerrier have reduced this to around 9000 in their version of the plan but this is still far too many for the area to absorb.

Park Bottom and |Tolvaddon will bear the brunt of the increases, and will see their community substantially changed as a result.I am with the community of park Bottom in its total resistance to the scheme, as are all my colleagues on the Parish Council.

The credit crunch is likely to hit new construction hard and render the likelihood of any major new build projects in the next few years extremely unlikely.

It is important to remain vigilant however and ensure that nothing is slipped in when attention is concentrated elsewhere, like the formation of the new Cornwall Council. I am fully in support of the Parish Council position on this which is “to oppose any large-scale house building schemes unless they are proceeded by proportionate increases in employment and substantial upgrading of all aspects of the infrastructure, sufficient to support the existing and future population”.

There is no doubt that there will be an increase in population in the future in the area and that the housing stock is already unable to provide all the accomodation required. This is particularly the case for young local families who are unable to purchase houses because of the differential between prices and the average local wage. Many more ‘affordable homes’ are required and any new development must take account of this. The policy of selling off council houses started by the Conservative Government in the 1980’s, and continued by New labour has proved to be a real mistake. Councils must be given the opportunituy to replennish their stocks of houses in the future.

I will continue to monitor the situation and report on any further action necessary.

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