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Weeks activities 9 – 13th February

by superadmin on 8 February, 2009

For those who are interested I will keep a log of the activities of the Parish Council , and in particular those committees I am working on.

Last week I attended a meeting of the Council Leaders of Camborne,Redruth, Carne Brea and Illogan. These were started as a response to the amount of housing proposed in the Area Action Plan (see Kerrier website if you want more detail),and the feeling that we needed to work together more closely to give ouselves a greater chance of influencing the plans. These have been very productive and informative for all. The meeting last week started to consider the new Cornwall council and the Community Network Area which we will  work within. The subject will be discussed in greater detail at our next meeting.

On Wednesday evening the Parish Council Finance and Staffing Committee met to review the financial regulations and financial risk assessment. This is done annually to make sure we are up to date with any changes.

We also received tender documents for the new litter picking contract and made a decision on which of them to offer the contract to. This matter is now in hand.

This week I am attending several meetings:

Monday the PACT meeting. This is arranged by our local neighbourhood police and is an opportunity for the local community to come along and raise issues of concern, and help set prioritie s to be achieved before the next meeting. We have had 2 meetings so far and they have been very useful for all parties, however it would be niceif more of our community turnedup.  7.30 Penwartha Hall

Tuesday the Park Bottom residents are holding a meeting to further their opposition to the housing currently proposed for their area in the Area Action Plan mentioned above.

Wednesday the Parish Plan Steering Group is meeting to finalise the household survey before printing and delivery. All councillors are invited. Once this has been done the survey will be in the hands of residents  soon after.

A fairly normal week then.

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